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Pocket Dungeon - Keep on the Shining Isle


Pocket Dungeons presents: Keep on the Shining Isle, a tabletop RPG dungeon zine!

Keep on the Shining Isle is a system-agnostic dungeon featuring a haunted ruin, a mystery cult and some very tempting apples. Pick this up to send your home campaign on a memorable sidequest, or try out your favourite new system with this 1-2 session scenario. Written and published by Shel Kahn as the first of many Pocket Dungeons.

Available as a solo zine, 6 x 3.5", 24 pages, black and white, with a centrefold map, for $5.


Preorder your full Pocket Dungeon Pack, which includes the zine itself alongside a 6 x 6" fabric map and a Shining Isle crystal island patch, all of which tucks into a 4 x 9" pencil case. Carry your adventure, map, pencils, dice, folded character sheets and more to your next gaming session in style! These will be shipping at the end of September.

All prices are in CAD.

(would you prefer a PDF? Grab yours now right here on Gumroad or add it to your DTRPG Bookshelf Here!)